Super Growth Rejuvenator GHRF-200 HGH (Single Bottle)

Super Growth Rejuvenator GHRF-200 HGH (Single Bottle)

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With nicknames like the “Youth Essence” and “Fountain of Youth,” it’s not hard to see what our Super Growth Rejuvenator GHRF-200 is for. The Rejuvenator helps regulate organ activity, stimulate tissue repair, and improve brain function, and because it’s so effective and popular. Single bottle purchase.

Since this supplement is taken by spraying on the tongue, absorption of its health- and vitality-boosting properties is expedited. This unique on-the-tongue application also enhances pituitary gland activity and increases growth hormone production. Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, with empty stomach take twice a day, morning 2 sprays and before bed time 4 sprays in the mouth. Hold it for 10-20 seconds and swallow it. Oral Mucosa (spray under the tongue for better results); the Absorption Rate is 90%. Physician’s Desk Reference, 48 edition, page 1331.

Return to your peak days with our Super Growth Rejuvenator.