Super Growth Calcium + Vitamin D3

Super Growth Calcium + Vitamin D3

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1,800 mg/300 tablets

Super Growth Calcium + Vitamin D3 supplements the body to prevent calcium deficiency. Calcium is vital for the formation of strong bones and teeth and for the maintenance of healthy gums. It may lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and help prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is important in the maintenance of a regular heartbeat and the transmission of nerve impulses.


It is needed for muscular growth and contraction and for the prevention of muscle cramps.  It helps increase the rate of bone growth and bone mineral density in children and prevention of bone loss associated with osteoporosis.  It helps provide energy and maintain proper cell membrane permeability.  It aids in neuromuscular activity and helps to keep skin healthy.  It helps improve insomnia, numbness in the arms/legs, rheumatoid arthritis, rickets, and tooth decay.  It helps activate enzymes and hormone secretion.  It is also essential in blood clotting and sustained to preserve life.


It is good for growing children, adults, the aged, pregnant and nursing women.  It is essential for every one suffering from osteoporosis, aching joints, convulsions, back pains, hyperactivity, insomnia, depression, and cognitive impairment. 


Suggested Daily Use: 1-2 tablets twice daily in the morning and evening.


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    Calcium Deficient Parents

    Posted by Danny on Dec 13th 2017

    I bought them in bulk for a cheaper price and they've been great. My parents are calcium deficient so this has been a great addition to their routine.